Philips FT920 Digital Synthesizer Stereo Tuner (Used)

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Philips FT920 Digital Synthesizer Stereo Tuner (Used)

Technically, this is a sensitive 3-gang-3-filter tuner with 30-station programmable preset and a very useful rotary tuning knob which has a heavy inertial feel gliding smoothly.
Dimensions (WHD) : 435 x 106 x 300 mm / 17.1 x 4.2 x 11.8 inch
Made in Belgium

Philips FT920 (1992, $240) search eBay
Our panelist JohnC offers this report: “The 920 is a single-bandwidth AM/FM tuner with 3 filters and the electronic equivalent of 3 gangs. Thirty programmable presets, a rotary tuning knob and a signal attenuation switch, along with the usual switching capabilities, adorn the face. Don’t expect much when you pull the cover except an abundance of room. The power supply resides along the left side and the tuner board itself is in the rear right corner, leaving the middle of the chassis available for just about anything. The varactor front end feeds a 3-filter IF strip which includes a couple of 2SC1047 NPN gain stages fed directly into an LA1851N DTS single-chip tuner IC. The tuner IC supplies everything between the IF and Audio stages. The audio circuit includes a simple gain stage and no buffer.

“The units are assembled at two locations in Singapore and Belgium. A few years back, Van Alstine Audio marketed the Omega II FM tuner which was a Philips FT920 with an added power supply and audio buffer, from what I can tell. In OEM condition the Philips is fairly quiet, and has a decent high end and a rolled off bass. Removal of the two boards is very easy, allowing complete access for any mods you may want to apply. I discovered while researching the 920 that there is an FT930 which is literally a 920 with a dual-bandwidth IF. Same case, PS and tuner board, a few extra components including an added IF filter and switch for the dual IF, and an MPX filter on the audio.” The FT920 is scarce and can sell for almost any price on eBay, with an all-time high of $122 in 12/04 for a mint one and a low of $4.24 in 1/08. [JC]

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