LOEWE Reference electrostatics Stand Speaker (Used)

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LOEWE Reference electrostatics Stand Speaker (Used)

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The Loewe Reference Sound Stand Speaker contains just one diaphragm – yet one that is very large and at the same time extremely thin (1/10 of the thickness of a human hair!). The speakers therefore have an impressive presence in the room – whilst at the same time remaining light, narrow and, above all, extra-slim.

Sound that touches you – with sounding bodies that call out to be touched. No wonder – the Loewe Reference Standspeaker is covered with the finest of materials, offering a treat not only for the eyes. Inside a Loewe Reference Standspeaker, you’ll find a membrane, only about one tenth as thick as the human eardrum but 144 times as large! It is framed by an electrode grille and has very small displacement as it moves – therefore almost completely avoiding distortion effects. This results in an especially clear and transparent, authentic and lively sound. Thanks to electrostatic technology, even sound connoisseurs will be more than satisfied – even in the high tone area up to 50,000 Hz the clearness of the sound and the rich nuances of the dynamics are unmatched.

– feature impressive uniquely clean and lively sound – with a membrane only 0.01 millimetres thick.
Frequency range 150Hz – 50kHz (-3dB)
100 WRMS power handling
Recommended crossover frequency 170Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH): 186 x 285 x 1205 mm,
Power requirements: 12V, 300mA
Made in Germany

iF DESIGN AWARD 2010 – Gold Award
Cost over S$5000 new
“…Their sleek lines are made possible because the speakers are electrostatic, generating sound by exciting a thin membrane suspended in an electrostatic field. They lean gently backwards but stand steadily on a glinting metal plinth. They’re so stunning, they make their £2K-a-pair price look rather reasonable – especially when you consider how expensive electrostatic speakers have historically been…”
“…It’s the electrostatics that steal the show, though. The first thing that struck me is how warm and well-rounded they sound; there’s not a trace of harshness with even really high, tricky trebles, and no bass bloom or boxiness…”
Loewe Individual Sound Stand Speaker SL
Price: £5,800


Seling good working condition Made in Germany Loewe Reference electrostatic speakers. This is an elegant slim floorstand speakers in all aluminium finish. Get a taste of true high quality electrostatic sound at a affordable price. The panel extend to about 150 hz and you need to compliment it with a woofer/subwoofer unit to extend the bass. Can listen and test in my system before buying. Trade ok selling S$1200.


https://www.homecinemachoice.com/content/loewe-individual-sound- stand-speaker-sl-review



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