🆕QED Reference XT-25 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable / 3M Pair (New)

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🆕QED Reference XT-25 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable / 3M Pair (New) – Airloc Terminated


QED Performance XT25 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable Airloc Terminated

QED Reference XT25 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable Airloc TerminatedQED Performance XT25 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable Airloc terminated was designed as the natural complement to XT25, the 5-star award winning X-Tube speaker cable from QED.

QED XT25 Bi-Wire speaker cable was conceived from QED’s flagship Supremus cable in a more affordable package. QED has won more What Hi-fi? awards than any other single brand and with its XT25, this heritage is delivered at a sensible price.

QED XT25 Bi-Wire cross-sectionQED XT25 Bi-Wire speaker cable incorporates 4 separate conductor bundles into a single, convenient X-Quad type geometry and is intended to present a much more enjoyable rendition of the musical performance when used in a bi-wire or bi-amped configuration.

QED XT25 Bi-Wire cable is essentially a scaled down version of Genesis Silver Spiral speaker cable, sharing many of its features but having a smaller cross-sectional area and using oxygen-free copper conductors in place of the more expensive silver-plated variety.

Very Low DC Resistance

QED Oxygen-Free CopperThis is of paramount importance because the higher the resistance, the greater are the audible changes to the frequency response of the loudspeaker.

Very Low Inductance

QED Low InductanceA prime cause of high-frequency attenuation, high inductance leads to a rise in impedance with frequency, reducing output in the upper frequency range.

Low-Loss Dielectric

QED Low-Loss DielectricElectrical signals move via the medium of electromagnetic waveforms which exist not only within the copper conductors, but also within the dielectric which insulates one from another.

X-Tube Technology

QED X-Tube TechnologyThe cable uses a variation of QED’s X-Tube™ Technology by creating a hollow tubular conductor geometry out of individual conductor bunches. This allows both high and low frequencies to pass with equal ease when compared to traditional solid or stranded conductors.


QED Performance XT25 Bi-Wire speaker cable is an ideal upgrade for all speaker types whether they are floor-standing or book-shelf stereo or home theatre.

AIRLOC Termination

XT25 CABLE Airloc

AIRLOC Forte plugs with improved pin section are fitted to maximise contact area throughout the wide tolerance range found in 4mm amplifier and speaker sockets.

This means that the connection remains uniformly tight and with its premium gold-plating, provides optimum sonic performance through time.


Airloc Forte PlugsQED XT25 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable is fitted with Airloc Forte banana plugs and/or spade terminals. Airloc ABS banana plugs shown with red and black plastic covers. Also available, Airloc ABS spades and all-metal Airloc banana plugs.


  • Cross-sectional area – 5.0mm²
  • Wire gauge – 14 AWG
  • Jacket OD – 13.1mm
  • Self inductance – 0.36 µH/m
  • Loop resistance – 7.0 mΩ/m
  • Capacitance – 69pF/m
  • Dissipation factor @ 10kHz – 0.0001
  • Conductor chemistry – 99.9999% OFC
  • Dielectric properties – Air Gap (εr = 1.69)
  • Ideal for use in all installations
  • Connectors – Airloc banana plugs and/or spades

QED Lifetime Guarantee

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“A high-tech cable that delivers the good at a sensible price. Outstanding, amongst the best.”
Hi-Fi World, 5 Globes – https://secure.armourhome.co.uk/awards/products/99af0f89a6a2a5c821d10167c8ba2b37/files/QED%20XT25%20Bi-Wire_HFW_Apr22.pdf

QED Airloc Banana
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